Your network is under constant attack and the threats are becoming more sophisticated, more dangerous and more difficult to detect.  A prime way of penetrating your network is to use email to send false, damaging or malicious messages onto your network.  MailSentry² was designed to address the new threats presented by emails seeking to introduce a virus, carry out a fraudulent or illegal act or as the opening effort to hack into and compromise your network.  While many businesses feel that an anti-virus or anti-spam tool is enough protection, these tools are incomplete and leave your network exposed. MailSentry² is an integrated network defense service, providing a single source to protect your email network against spam, online fraud, and other threats.

Spammers, hackers and phishers are continually attempting to invade your network and are constantly inventing new ways to circumvent your security systems. Today, a prime  attack strategy uses an innocent email message containing malicious or dangerous payloads.  Without choosing the right partner, today’s businesses are simply unable to keep track of the latest attacks, scams and tricks, which make your network vulnerable.  MailSentry² was designed to detect and prevent damage to a network arising from malicious or illegal email and do so BEFORE the threat ever reaches your network.  MailSentry² considers the following facts and statistics:

  • According to Nucleus Research in 2003, “The major problem with current spam filtering software is that it works inside the corporate firewall without relieving corporate mail servers of the increasing burden of handling and storing spam messages

  • The computer Research Board estimates that there were over 7,000 new viruses, worms and Trojan Horses in 2003, costing enterprise over $13 billion.  Spam and viruses are estimated to cost businesses $23 billion in 2003 due to lost productivity, interrupted services and increased administrative fees

  • According to Ferris Research, Spam accounts for $10 Billion in lost business productivity when measuring the investment in defenses and lost productivity

  • The level of spam has risen since the passage of federal anti-spam laws and now it makes up more than 70 percent of all email messages sent. Anti-spam legislation simply has not affected the spammers and similarly “spyware” legislation is not expected to reduce this threat.

  • According to the Gartner Group Phishing attacks by hackers against online consumers have become so widespread that an estimated 57 million Americans likely have received these fraudulent e-mails, according to a new study released May 2004, Direct losses from identity theft fraud against these phishing attack victims cost U.S. banks and credit card issuers about $1.2 billion last year.

  • Conventional anti-spam products simply can’t keep up with the sophistication and adaptability of the spammers

Mail Sentry², provides a comprehensive response to email-borne threats to your network.  It eliminates the ability of parties to send your organization emails where the sender has falsified or concealed their identify.  In operation, it will dramatically reduce the spam and fraud threats you face and spare your organization and IT department much of the problems and costs arising from spam and email fraud and abuse.  Mail Sentry² is a secure email system that protects your enterprise from malicious attacks including spam, email viruses and data theft (in the form of email address harvesting, often achieved via a so-called “Directory Harvest Attack”).  The results and protections MailSentry² provides are proven and offer  enterprises the most comprehensive, reliable and cost effective solution available today.

MailSentry² is easily installed, configured and fully scalable.

Mail Sentry² provides superior management tools and can be deployed quickly and seamlessly.