Mail Sentry², an email and data security system, protects an enterprise from malicious attacks including spam, email viruses and data theft (i.e. email address harvesting often achieved via a Directory Harvest Attack).  Mail Sentry² and Mail Authentication Protocol (MAP) are fully scalable and offer businesses the most comprehensive, reliable and cost effective solution available today.  Mail Sentry² provides superior management tools and can be deployed quickly and seamlessly. 

MAP is the first line of defense against network attacks involving fraud and/or using spam.  This anti-fraud/spam technology is exclusively available from Mail Sentry² and blocks 100% of email containing false, forged, unverifiable or compromised email sender information.  Networks using MailSentry² and MAP are relieved of the burden of receiving, processing and storing emails which a business neither sought nor desires to receive.  These include spam, aggressive solicitations of an adult or illegal nature, malicious emails containing spyware and ‘malware’ and every other email where the sender has failed to accurately and truthfully identify themselves.  In addition to being processed by MailSentry² and MAP technology, Mail Sentry² subjects messages and traffic to analysis using advanced anti-virus software to detect and suppress viruses, worms or trojans.

Network Mail
Enterprise Email Security

Perimeter solution for the enterprise

Enterprise Network/Provider
Anti-spam/fraud blocker

Blocks 100% of all email that contains false, forged, unverifiable or compromised sender information
Schedule of Benefits: Saves bandwidth, conserves server capacitiy, and minimizes IT costs
Inbound Virus Blocking or scanning
Complete Privacy, does not filter content
Delivery Management & Load Balancing
Complete Drill-Down Reporting: Message Volumes, Rejected Traffic Summary and Spam Report
Connection Management
No Inbound/Outbound Attachment Restrictions
Unlimited Outbound Content Management
Outbound Virus Scanning
Outbound Compliance Footer
Eliminates administration  need to deal with quarantined mail
Disaster Recovery
Support – 24 / 7