Mail Sentry² is an integrated suite of secure email and management solutions offered by Mail Sentry, Inc. By integrating a unified set of network protection services, MailSentry² offers a comprehensive solution to an array of online threats and issues. Since 2003, Mail Sentry² has processed billions of email messages, ensuring data integrity for a diverse community of clients and enterprises. Mail Sentry² provides anti-fraud/spam solutions, virus protection and sophisticated network protection tools - all scaled to fit the needs of today’s business users.

Mail Sentry² offers robust enterprise communications protection and secure email solutions, of which Mail Authentication Protocol (MAP) is a central feature.  MAP is an anti-fraud/spam technology exclusively developed and available from Mail Sentry².  MAP blocks 100% of email containing false, forged, unverifiable or compromised sender information. Networks using MailSentry² and MAP are relieved of the burden of receiving, processing and storing electronic messages and attachments all of which a business neither sought nor desires to receive.  In addition to MAP technology, MailSentry² incorporates advanced virus screening, to ensure that the most current protections are available against viruses, worms and trojans.

External defenses ensure your network is protected.  MailSentry² protects client networks at their perimeters by preventing the introduction of viruses and from ever receiving malicious or unwanted emails.  By securing the network from the outside, MailSentry² protects your organization’s email infrastructure, improves enterprise email performance by ensuring users only receive valid email messages and raises the overall efficiency of a network by lowering bandwidth needs, conserving server capacity and lowering overall IT costs.